Why in God’s Name Would You Cheat ??

Dude, I’m tellin’ ya………

I’ve explored a couple of angles of infidelity in some previous posts. In one of them, I just observed that for the most powerful people around, cheating on their spouse comes with the territory. If you are a Congressman or a captain of industry, there is just a sense of entitlement that comes with it. Tiger Woods himself said as much in his recent televised speech. And in another post, I took him to task personally for his indiscretions. So I don’t need to brow-beat him any further.

But there is one more aspect of infidelity that I just don’t get and can’t comprehend. And that is when a guy has one of the hottest, most desirable women in the world as his mate and still cheats on her. He wakes up next to a goddess every morning that most men would give their right arm to be with for one, single night and these men feel the need to be unfaithful. I just don’t get it.

Of course, the whole concept of being powerful and the sense of entitlement comes into play big-time here. The guys I am referring to are almost always high-profile celebrities themselves and are used to getting anything they want with few consequences. But even so, when you have landed one of the most sought-after females on the planet and are not satisfied (????)…….I just don’t get it.

Let’s consider Tiger himself. This guy has a world-class beauty in Elin Nordegren. When you see the modeling shots and the publicity shots they flash on the gossip shows as they dissect these people’s marital dilemma, what the hell is that guy thinking ? He scored one of the hottest babes in the world and he feels the need to hook up with a bunch of decidely less attractive women? If I could shoot 18 holes of golf, collect a six figure prize payout, and then go home and celebrate with that honey all night long? I’d be the envy of 99% of the globe. Apparently that isn’t satisfying enough.

How about the King of the Knockouts, Tommy Lee ? Here is a man that was married to Heather Locklear when she was in her young 20’s and one of the most smokin’ women ever. Still is in my opinion, actually. But this guy had to stray and be unfaithful and willingly gave her up. Is this man nuts? I mean, I know the rock star lifestyle with women throwing themselves at you night-after-night and the partying and the decadence……but are the sluts who hang out at the hotel of a higher quality than a 26 year old Heather Locklear? Perhaps their breakup was also fueled by drug abuse and other common issue to that lifestyle. But if he stuck it in any other chick when he had Heather waiting for him backstage, or back at the hotel room, or back home…….he’s got to be a moron.

Then he hooks up with perhaps the perfect female specimen on planet Earth in Pam Anderson. I mean, if aliens came down in a space ship and said bring us the ultimate female, I’d have to think that one of the women we would parade out would be Pam Anderson. No ?? And this guy, who had already disposed of Heather Locklear, now found something allegedly better than Pam Anderson. Again, the lure of the road and the groupies is mighty. But those skanks are better than Pamela Anderson ? No freakin’ way. Like everyone else, I’ve seen the video. Uh-uh. No way.

Who else has inexplicably cheated on one of the hottest women one can find? Well, there’s the whole Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards —–  Richie Sambora/ Heather Locklear tango. Denise Richards claims she never hooked up with Richie Sambora until he had split with Locklear and she and Heather were no longer even friends. Whatever. And I’m sure that babe-hound Sheen cheated on Richards throughout their marriage. With sleazy hookers none-the-less. And why? Denise Richards is a bit loopy, but I would worship that woman until she was six feet under. And again, Heather Locklear is at the center of a straying man. What is it with this woman ? Is she lousy in bed? Somebody please give me the opportunity to explore this theory myself !! Pretty please with sugar on top !!

Who else? The story is that actor Ethan Hawke found the family nanny more desirable than his wife, Uma Thurman. Supermodel Christie Brinkley’s husband found the need to get up with another woman. How is this possible ?

How about when British actor Hugh Grant was caught in the car with a scummy hooker when he was dating mega-babe Elizabeth Hurley ?

Will someone please pass along my number to these jilted women just in case they want to get back at these blundering idiots ?

The list goes on and on. Kobe Bryant’s wife is a hot little number. And he found an employee at a hotel to be more alluring ? Jude Law strayed on actress wife Sienna Miller. Again with the nanny. What……are these nannies fresh out of Playboy or something?

There has long been a rumor that Brad Pitt cheated on wife Jennifer Aniston with current-wife Angelina Jolie while making Mr and Mrs Smith. Now this one is a slightly different situation. Angelina Jolie is one hot piece. But to cheat on Jennifer Aniston ?  Hey, I’ve been watching reruns lately of Friends late at night and sometimes I have to think about taking a cold shower before bed. 

All I know is that I have never been with a Heather Locklear or a Denise Richards or a Pam Anderson and I still have never felt the insatiable urge to cheat. There’s a few women I know right now that aren’t supermodels or Hollywood actresses, but if they gave me the time of day, I’d never even think of stepping out on them. I’d work every day to keep them happy. Jump thru hoops. Partly because I’m not Brad Pitt or Tommy Lee. And partly because these women are just plain beauties. These women are beautiful enough that they’d instantly jump to the #1 spot on my all-time list of bedded babes. And I’d be one grateful SOB. You can believe that.

Nothing against those that have made my day in the past.

But if I were to connect with one of these women in my own little, quiet life in the near future, it would take an Alyssa Milano or someone to even turn my head. And even then, I wouldn’t.

I just don’t get these guys.

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