Back in the Saddle Again

Dude, I’m tellin’ ya………

Sometimes the irony of how the world works just blows my mind.

Here I go and celebrate the 100th post on dudeimtellinya.com on March 16th and within that post I raised the question of how long it might take to get to 200 posts. I even ventured that hopefully I would get a job soon prolonging that next hundred a good long time.

And lo and behold, a job sneaks up on me in a big ol’ bearhug. That freakin’ fast. Just like that after 15 months.

Want a little more irony?

I interviewed with the company on March 17th….St. Patrick’s Day. And the name of the firm is Shamrock. I do have some Irish in me. And the luck of the Irish must have been with me that day. Because on that same day that I interviewed for the position, they offered it to me. I met with them that morning and they invited me to come on-board that afternoon.

When I told my mother about my good fortune, she said my father must have been looking down and watching out for me. After all, his name was Patrick and it all happened on St. Patty’s Day. He was the source of my Irish blood.

So mama’s baby boy is finally back to work. Today I completed my third day with the company.

Everyone there has been extremely nice and have welcomed me warmly. There’s a youthful energy there and everyone seems to be really sharp. Very, very sharp. Each person seems to be very talented at their particular job. My position looks to be pretty damn challenging….which is a good thing. Nobody wants a boring, mundane job to have to trudge to every day.

I’m learning a new, advanced computer system and it’ll take some time to get used to. I’m confident that I’ll get it down though. Hell, I’ve had to learn a new computer system at every place that I’ve ever been in the work world and haven’t had one beat me down yet. So far, so good.

The greatest thing thus far though is the tremendous sense of relief lifted off of my chest. I’m finally off of Obama’s payroll ! I mean, I’ve always had a lot of confidence in my abilities throughout my work career. At every place that I’ve been, I grow to be a relied upon “go to” guy that always assumes much more responsibility than my original assignment.

But when you’re in-between jobs for over a year—-and you go to about ten or eleven interviews during that time without landing anything—you start to start doubt yourself and ask yourself questions. You begin to question your value. Is everyone out there better than me ? Am I not that good at what I do ? Do I have no talent ? Do I bring nothing to the table ? What am I doing wrong at all of these interviews ?

And then a place finally offers you a spot and the 1000 lb monkey climbs off your back.

Hopefully I am just one of the first of many to find a new gig. I have a ton of friends still looking. One good friend just lost her job this past Saturday. So I’m hoping the good fortune that came my way spreads to other people.

I’ll send some of my dad’s luck of the Irish their way as best I can.

I already got a nice dose of it.

Thanks Pop.

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