Asshole of the month January 2010

Dude, I’m tellin’ ya………

This month’s slimy stool could actually be the Asshole of the Month in just about any month over the past few years. The people who have been around him would tell you that thought could really apply to the last several years. But this scumbag is in the news yet again as a special trial began last week concerning the various women he has murdered and smirked to the rest of us about. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more pungent pile of manure than this month’s winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you January 2010’s Asshole of the Month………Drew Peterson.

While this douche bag makes most women recoil and slightly vomit in their mouths, unfortunately a small handful of women have been drawn to his smug, butt-ugly looks and perhaps the fact that he was one of the inept, glorified meter maids that comprise the Bolingbrook, Illinois police department. How otherwise rational thinking women get lured in close to this prick bastard is beyond me. But a few have, and they paid the ultimate price for nuzzling up next to a dangerous sociopath.

For those of you not overly familiar with this fucktard, he’s the dirty cop who killed his third wife as she bathed in her bathtub some years ago. And being a member of law enforcement in the United States—where you can basically do any damn thing you want to the average citizen and walk away from it—he did exactly that. With hardly a glance from his colleagues holding up that blue wall with all their strength. And as a result of their customary “look-the-other-way” policy when one of their own kills, robs, beats, or maims someone, another young lady paid with her own life a few years later.

Stacy Peterson, the fourth poor woman to inexplicably allow this pale, bloated jackass to climb on top of her, disappeared in late October 2007. She hasn’t been seen since and extensive searches have not recovered her body. Drew’s stepbrother has repeatedly told the story of how he helped this wanker remove a large blue container from the house that he believes contained Stacy’s body. Dozens of other people close to the situation have described Stacy’s white-knuckle fear of her monster husband and told many confidants that if she ever disappeared, it was because he killed her……not because she left or ran away.

And for the past two years and counting, we have been subjected to this publicity seeking shithead shrugging his shoulders and treating us like dumbass morons as cops are notorious for doing. In many cases, the media is just as submerged in the cesspool as he is. There’s some news agencies that report on him either objectively or with a bit of disgust and contempt. But then there are those news outlets that treat him like a witty comedian, chase him around like lovestruck high school kids, and laugh at his asinine comments.

One of the clips that turns my stomach the most is when this fuck face was apprehended and is being led thru the prison property in his orange jumpsuit and delivering his routine to the gaping reporters nearby. And on the audio, you can hear some of the press actually laughing at some of his lame ass jokes and banter. Some of them willingly play his “set-up” man. If this was medieval times, they would properly be spitting on and throwing rotten vegetables at this murderous dick bandit. But he gets his couple of laughs and in essence, thumbs his nose at how ignorant and adoring we are to a cold-blooded killer.

The thing that amazes me is how he even attracted these pretty young women in the first place. In every picture and videotape I’ve ever seen of this talking flatulence, he’s a doughy, double chinned donkey with a cheesy mustache and beady little eyes. He is out of shape and even older photos of when he was on the force don’t suggest otherwise. His personality has been portrayed as controlling and maniacally jealous. The type of insecure chode chewer that makes his women wear beepers and report their whereabouts at all times. Explain who they have been with every time they go out.

I guess some women are just so attracted to a man in uniform that they abandon all of their usual standards. Even when the guy is a tool with a little tiny pecker.

The only hope left is that he is not only properly convicted of killing his third wife, but also found responsible for the disappearance of Stacy as well. Then stash him away with the pedophiles and other perverts in the worst section of the prison population. If he were to walk away from all this and resume his media / comedy tour, it’s only a matter of time before another girl winds up in a blue container.

I do have some major worries though that this will indeed happen. The police do what they want in this country and the laughingstock that is the US court system allows it to happen. Now if the police say that I was part of the Kennedy assassination in 1963, then by God I was part of the Kennedy assassination. And I wasn’t even born until 1970. But that’s the bad joke that is the judicial system in the United States. This smelly little willy sac has a good chance of walking away scot-free. Because he is a former card carrying member of the whole facade.

This guy is the epitome of when we need the judicial system to work properly. Every person who has ever known this knob polisher has testified what a loser he is. Neighbors, relatives, and friends of Stacy are all consistent in relaying her fears and warnings that she was about to come up missing or dead. Last week, Drew’s own son testified that he did not love his father. The stepbrother allegedly tried to kill himself after aiding this asshole with the blue container. No one anywhere seems to have one positive thing to say about this flesh colored shaft.

Lock him up and throw away the key. And then maybe the judges, the judicial system, and law enforcement in general will earn back some of the doubt, disappointment, disgust, and disdain that I currently hold for them.

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