100th Blog Takes a Nostalgic Look Back

Dude, I’m tellin’ ya………….

Today is already the 100th blog post since I decided to re-energize this forum that was created and once overseen by the late, great “Morty”.

One of my posts paid tribute to Morty when he passed away back in January 2010. I was proud to have written that one and happy to be able to pay my respects to a friend in a place where perhaps more than a few handfuls of people might stumble on to it.

And it just put me to thinking. Instead of spouting off on a new topic today, I thought I just might go back and look at some of the first 100 posts. Just for myself. Not to recap them and bore you to death. But maybe to put up a list of my favorite ten or fifteen and re-read them just for my own pleasure. I’ll list them here in case you want to go back and re-read them yourself—-or maybe even check them out for the first time. If you are a somewhat newer reader, the earliest posts had a bit more fire and brimstone to ’em. But I’ll just provide the title of the post and the date it was put up. Maybe one or two lines describing the nature of it.

Here are some of my favorites going back to the debut date of August 25, 2009………….

Asshole of the Month October 2009     {Richard Heene)        posted:  10/27/2009
Asshole of the Month November 2009  {Nidal Malik Hasan}     posted:   11/30/2009
Asshole of the Month December 2009  {Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab}     posted:  12/30/2009
Asshole of the Month January 2010   {Drew Peterson}    posted:  1/27/2010
Asshole of the Month February 2010  {Tiger Woods}    posted:   2/25/2010 

** I had to start off with my prestigious Asshole of the Month award posts. I just might be more proud of these than any others I have written.

A Few of the Old Man’s Favorite Things                  posted:  2/18/2010
If You Don’t Have a Brother, Get Yourself One          posted:  2/3/2010
Another Good Man Taken Way Too Early                   posted:  1/18/2010

**  A couple of “tribute” posts. Of course one is in honor of my dad who passed away on Sunday, February 7, 2010. And another is in honor of my bro who I’ll be seeing this weekend at our fantasy baseball draft. He said he might pick up my bar tab because he just got his federal tax return. That’s the kind of shit that prompted me to write that post early last month. And then the ‘good man who was taken way too early’ is a post about the pioneer of this blog, “Morty”. There is actually a Celebration of Life party all lined up in Morty’s honor on April 10. There’s going to be a ton of friends gathered together along with his mom and his sister. Hoisting drinks to the guy who started DudeImTellinYa.

That shows just how liked he was.

More Crazy Ass Stories in the News         posted:  1/5/2010
Counting My Blessings for 2009             posted:  12/29/2009
My Resolutions for 2010                       posted:  12/28/2009
Video Games and Aggression                posted:  12/17/2009
Memories of Thanksgiving                   posted:  11/23/2009
OK, We Get It….You Wrote a Book          posted:  11/3/2009
The Workplace; Comedy’s Best Source of Material       posted:  10/21/2009
Feeling Sorry For Today’s Kids and Pop Culture         posted:  9/17/2009

**  Just in re-reading some of these posts, I started laughing pretty good at some of the memories again. The one about video games and aggression with recollections of my buddy throwing the controller around the room. That was some funny shit to watch back in the day. And the one about celebrity books……I was pretty proud of that one for the dress-downs I did on Jodie Sweetin, Hulk Hogan, Mackenzie Phillips, and Maureen McCormick. Cracked myself up.

So those are about a baker’s dozen of some of the posts I thought stood out above some of the others. I’ve written a lot of Survivor summaries and mock-ups. A lot of sports-oriented posts. But that’s to be expected from a diehard sports fan living just outside Chicago.

Go back and check on a few of these yourself. I really encourage the celebrity book post, the memories of Thanksgiving, the video game post, the workplace comedy post, and the Asshole of the Month awards. Those are the eight or nine that made me laugh the most. The others are a little sentimental and melancholy at times. But still pieces I am sort of proud of.

We’ll see how fast I can get to 200 posts. I’m hoping it takes a long time because I go back to work and can only do a few a week. But we’ll see. I have an interview tomorrow morning. 

Got my fingers crossed.

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